Release: Kosaka-san

I can’t believe that I translated another work. The world must be ending.

Kosaka-san (小坂さん) is a freeware doujin game released by GENKAI OTAKU SPACE. The game is roughly an hour long (give or take based off reading speed). Despite its length, it’s actually a very solid game – it tells a short, at times cheesy story. The writing is mildly philosophical, often conversational – and ultimately, easy to read through. Its production value, while not outstanding, is still very solid (for its genre & size) – especially for when it matters. Its most climactic scene is better executed than that of most major studios. Ultimately, what the game misses in length & budget, it makes up for entirely in heart, soul, and direction.

If you’re a fan of works like Subahibi, I think that there’s a fair shot that you’ll like this work. I won’t talk about the work beyond that, since I think the experience of going in without knowing too much is especially valuable here (it’s also super short).

A brief synopsis, lifted from VNDB, reads as follows:

After an unpleasant incident, the unnamed high-school student protagonist finds himself unable to make friends with most of his classmates. To escape the bustle of lunch time, he goes to the school rooftop. However, one day he finds there a girl who tells him a meteorite is about to hit Earth and wipe humanity, and that she wants to commit suicide before that happens.

This game comes pre-patched because it was originally a freeware doujin game. The creator of the game @hmrnuk has a Twitter here. Share your thoughts on the game with him. He’s aware of the translation & is supportive of the international fans.

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