I go by the pseudonym ‘mdz. I used to have another visual novel-centric blog (mdzanime.me) until I stopped paying for hosting costs (RIP).

An archive of the posts from back then can be located here (periodicially, I plan to migrate most of the posts over – some, with additional editing). I also translated KoiRizo (dark history).

All of the works which I’ve read (and my brief thoughts on them) can be found on my VNDB (List/Reviews).

This site is titled ‘abstractions’ because I reflect a lot about the works that I experience – sorting and turning these thoughts into words is the purpose of this site.

The purpose of this site is to give my impressions on Japanese media & to flex my design aesthetic.


Current Status (10-21-20)

Living life outside of reading. Inching way through another work (review maybe forthcoming).


  1. I noticed that Kosaka-san. got a “remaster”. Do you have any plans to translate it/port your translation over if possible?

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